Greg Minnaar: Fearless, Almost

A new animation project...

I listened to the PinkBike Podcast with Greg Minnaar and I could see animations in my head. I reached out, wondering if he’d want to record a story for a project. And, a lot of drawing later here it is! 

It was nice to get to know Greg a bit through our video meetings. He was so laid back that it was disarming. A couple of times I found myself nodding in agreement, “Oh yeah, the same thing happens to me on my bike.” But of course, it’s not the same. I was talking about the super smooth flow trail behind my house and he was talking about going full throttle down this year’s extra gnarly Val Di Sole track. 

Thanks to Greg for working on this with me. 

Thanks to Sarah and Gaspare for the bonus interviews.

Thanks to David Jack who worked on the first round of recording that we eventually scrapped because of microphone issues. 

Thanks to Jeff Frenette for doing sound on this version. 

Thanks for the music Niall (Able Drugger) and Richie (Jape).

And thanks to Anthill Films, Sandy Carson, Karen Kloss and Stew Johnson for watching some early versions to keep me on track. 

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