Books by Taj


I have two books out. 

You can find them anywhere you might shop for books and they are available worldwide. Ask you local book store to bring one in for you (easiest to just search "Taj Mihelich"), or find them on Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, and more. 

Bernie the Bike Builder is a children's book. 

Bernie is a master bike builder. The bikes he designs and builds are sought after by bike racers all over the world. However, none of his close friends seem interested in riding bikes. After a discussion with Monty the Corgi he realizes that his friends think they can’t ride bicycles because no bikes fit them. Bernie takes on the challenge to build his motley crew of pals custom bikes that they can ride. It takes all of his creativity and skills to design and build special bikes for T-rex, Bat, Shark and more! 

Enjoy a free downloadable and printable Bernie the Bike Builder activity book here.  

The book is available worldwide from where ever you buy books.

Back Before They Invented Open Face Helmets  is my cartoon book (few swear words so not exactly for kids). 

This book is 164 pages of my cartoons and doodles. There is a bunch of bicycle comics (including a number from Sunday Comics with Taj series on Pinkbike), lots of low- brow humor, dad jokes, questionable puns, and some things that are probably only funny to me. There's a few things I'm actually serious about, but hopefully you can't tell, and even a few essays. I call it a collection of not-too-artsy-fartsy work I've done over the last few years (though, there are a few fart jokes).

The book is available worldwide from where ever you buy books. 

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