Vans X Fairdale (and kind of X Taj too)

 I had the wonderful pleasure of working with both Vans and Fairdale Bikes on a colab package. We took one of my signature bikes, the Taj 27.5" cruiser, and covered it in some special decals I drew. My character Giraffe is the star. He also appears on two Vans shoes they let me design (all veggie) and a water bottle and shirt from Fairdale. Pretty darned sweet project to get to work on. Oh yeah! They also had me bring Giraffe to life in an animated short (that was not that short to make). I packed in a bunch of my bad giraffe jokes, sneaked in a Monty appearance, Steve Van Doren too and had a right ol' laugh making the thing. My buddy Niall Byrne of Redneck Manifesto fame allowed us to use his Bill Blood song as well. 

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